One Nation is empowering tribes to reclaim their sovereignty.

There has never been a more significant opportunity for the Indigenous people of the world to exercise their right to self-determination.

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Our team is offering your community an opportunity to help shape the One Nation vision.

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Although tribes face similar issues as a result of colonization, these issues need to be handled in unique ways due to differences in traditional laws, natural resources and population size. 

Our “why” emphasizes the importance of self governance and self determination. In solidarity, One Nation addresses specific challenges that Band and Tribal Councils face in terms of self governance.

The One Nation platform provides an opportunity to empower Indigenous people through exercising their right to self government and self determination.


Stacey Rattlesnake

President and Founder

Stacey is a proud member of the Ermineskin Cree Nation in Maskwacis, Alberta. A software developer with 20+ years of experience building applications for small and large businesses. 

Stacey’s hope is to see all Indigenous communities thrive and prosper. By uniting communities we strengthen our initiatives as a collective people.

One Nation is a part of this vision.

AaPee Kotanen

Director of Technology
AaPee Kotanen started working for Coldsnake Digital and now One Nation, as our Head of Technology.
His depth of knowledge in the software development space came from years of working for Nokia and Electronic Arts.
AaPee provides our team with much needed project planning and management skills as well as offering insightful technical knowledge that keeps us building robust and efficient solutions.


Tribal Administrators

One Nation is a platform that delivers an integrated set of tools and services that simplifies tribal administration.

Our team recognizes the importance of preserving tradition and culture and this is at the heart of our product.

Easily manage member enrolment data within a secure web based application. Enrolment records are synchronized across other modules such as the Electronic ID and Genealogy subsystem.

Archive historical records for your nation. All digitized media is isolated and stored securely.

Communicate events, elections, emergencies and any other alerts to your community in real time through their mobile device.

Getting started is easy and no installation is required. Ask us how your tribe can benefit from One Nation.


As a citizen of your community, use the One Nation app to engage with your tribal office and council.

No need to carry a physical tribe membership card. One Nation’s Electronic ID is a secure and convenient feature that uses your device’s own authentication methods such as fingerprint and face ID to keep your personal data stored securely.

Track your family history within your community using the One Nation Genealogy feature. Explore other related data like traditional names, important cultural ceremonies and notable members of the community

Stay up to date on the latest news and announcements in the community with push notifications. Have a question about the app or events in the community? Use the chat app and get your questions answered quickly

Use the One Nation app to pay for goods in participating local stores. Redeem coupons and earn loyalty points


One Nation is designed to provide functionality to our customers as needed. Choose the modules you need to get started, add more later as you expand the system.


Manage tribal enrolment data intuitively. Customize what you need, you decide what information matters.


Store historical records and genealogical data. Record traditional names, and other culturally significant data.


Issue secure digital identification for your tribe members. Supports offline mode.


Archive important physical documents and multimedia with enriched meta data.


Issue and govern digital licenses and permits for hunting, fishing, construction and other activities.


Push notifications and important information to your community. Chat online with tribal office staff.


Enable digital payments, coupons and gift certificates for your community.


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