Community support through social enterprise

Food banks as we know it are about to change 

The MFood program helps needy families by leveraging grocery stores as existing channels of food distribution.

Children in Canada living in food insecure households prior to 2021

Indigenous people accessing the food bank

The percentage of Indigenous people accessing a food bank is 12 per cent, even though they represent only 5 per cent of the general population.

Supporting Indigenous Communities: The Impact of MFood

Hunger Relief

Feed families in need through out the community to provide good nutrition and healthy food choices.


Get the food you want by shopping local within your community at participating grocery stores 


Recipients of the MFood program shop like anyone else and skip the food bank line

The MFood Mission

Community level support

Our mission is to create positive impact to the communities we serve by empowering individuals and delivering a program with dignity.

Leverage existing channels to distribute food

We aim to use grocers already in the area and avoid the complications of organizing volunteers or distribution centers. 

Supporting Indigenous health and wellness 

The MFood program is administered through the One Nation platform and this means the program is built for Indigenous communities. 

Reduce stigma around food insecurity

Real challenges such as hunger and poverty impact Indigenous communities across North America. No family should experience shame for seeking support, and MFood’s distinctive approach aims to tackle these issues.

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